Bonneville ’12

Hey everybody,

The  2012 Bonneville Speedweek is over and we are back home. Everybody had a lot of fun and it was a good event. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us come so far with the car. We would especially like to thank the all of our team members for their hard work and the SCTA for hosting the event. You can see the pictures for this year here.





The Air-Induction System

We have essentially finished the windshield on the lakester. All that is left is to attach the lexan itself to the system that is in place. The latches and hinges, etc are all working. With that out of the way we started to work on the new air scoop. The previous one worked just fine but it no longer fits with the cockpit enclosed. Our original idea was to have a full tube come up to try to force in as much air as possible and maybe get a little free boost out of it. You can see that design here. After some discussion we came to the conclusion that this would produce too much drag to make the minimal boost made worth it. With this in mind a more streamlined scoop was made. You can see the final design here. In addition to the main scoop on top for air intake there are a few smaller aircraft style scoops that are purely to move air across the engine to avoid over-heating.